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Automatic cooling system
System allows semi-automatic control for providing required indoor temperature based on predefined parameters. Thus, the optimal temperature of 10-20°C will be provided inside the container in any season. System also includes an air filter with separation efficiency G3, which allows to clear the supply air from coarse particles - dust, fluff, and insects. Such separation efficiency is sufficient for trouble-free and long-lasting operation of equipment.
Fire safety system
Consists of control unit, smoke and temperature sensors, and gas-powder fire extinguishing modules. When smoke in the room is detected, automatic system turns off power supply of the container, shuts down the ventilating fan, and closes the air supply valve. The fire extinguishing system is activated. A corresponding notification is sent to the specified phone numbers.
Security system
This system includes door sensors and cameras. Depending on number of cameras you can set up video surveillance inside the container or outside it (optionally). Camera captures video when it detects movement, a corresponding notification is sent to the owner. Similarly, a notification is sent when the system detects an unauthorized person opening the door. Storage of video in a cloud. Access to the room is provided by means of electromagnetic lock with digital code and key for unlocking.
Automatic power supply system
Each rack is equipped with an individual control board containing the voltage relay and the delay relay for turn-on time. In the case of critical power surge, the voltage relay turns off power supply of the rack. The delay relay for turn-on time allows step-by-step powering (for example, after the power outage).
We use high-quality equipment from Russian and Chinese vendors for construction of containers, direct procurements allow us to offer best wholesale prices for you.
  • Capacity of installed equipment is up to 930 kW
  • 7 cooling fans, each having the capacity of 1.5 kW (280 000 m3/hr at the resistance of 0 Pa)
  • Container weight without equipment is 6,000 kg
  • 11/15 racks having length of 100/70 cm. 10 shelfs per a rack

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